Operational toolsuites control daily operations by guiding the User with choices that are appropriate for a particular step in the overall business process. The choices are set by business policy, or predetermined by results obtained previously through Analytics.

In more evolved systems, continuously refreshed Analytics are used to reset constraints within a real-time optimization subsystem that optimizes each new decision based upon the decisions made up to that point. Operational projects fall into the following broad categories:

Fixing existing applications requires tight collaboration between the application developer, data engineer, and business process expert. We are among the best, so we are often asked to untangle troublesome or slow applications.

New Development
New functionality can be added to your legacy OLTP systems. We can combine modules from new and old systems and cover everything with a "veneer" that acts like a single application for the User. The technology is straightforward and works very well. However, splicing dissimilar systems requires great care.

True optimization layers can be added on top of your operational systems to periodically or continually realign business or operations targets.

In your daily life, it makes little sense to buy a new car simply to upgrade the stereo. Systems development is the same. Use Nextep to fix or add only what you need.

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