Why We Are Different?

Nextep Consultants has its roots in fundamental R&D on how to manage world-scale systems with interdependent physical, financial, and people processes. We have developed novel techniques to measure, manage, and, finally, optimize systems with thousands of moving parts where simple reporting cannot cope. Advanced methods highlight hidden trouble spots in a sea of numbers.

Systems are often engineered block-by-block to fulfill group goals, but this methodology often limits capabilities elsewhere. Even a robust enterprise solution can be derailed due to small gaps in its details. Our big-picture approach allows you to weave unbroken threads of competance from one end of the organization to the other. Nextep can battle test your systems as they are being built, or troubleshoot them afterward.

We believe that you must bridge the Development Gap from both sides. So, we have business and IT experts who specialize in advanced topics:

  • Our experts have years of experience in the same jobs as your stakeholders. We understand marketing, finance, accounting, sales, customer support, service delivery, manufacturing, HR, and purchasing because we have worked in and managed these organizations. We know first-hand how to apply advanced tools within and across operational silos.
  • Analysis experts provide the mathematical fundamentals and multidimensional structure that properly frames your key decision points. Reports are focused and highlight problem areas. Advanced investigative solutions are our specialty.
  • Modeling engineers assemble cost and operational models for your business or market.
  • Data gurus reshape data for its intended use. Data from different sources is cleaned and spliced to look as if it came from a brand new instance of enterprise software. In fact, we can migrate your data structures to match an off-the-shelf package if you like.
  • Our software engineers accelerate and troubleshoot production systems so that they will not place an operational burden on your staff.

New projects can strain your organization. Use our experts to reduce risk, meet schedule, and maintain momentum in your core business.
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